Sharp Hue is the IT resource that enables you to accelerate growth and efficiency for your organization.

We are an IT Services partner to hundreds of clients. Our solutions have achieved the vision of marketing, IT, and operations professionals across a broad range of business sectors.

We advise, architect and execute solutions that blend user interfaces with app-based automation on reliable cloud infrastructure.

That’s Web.Cloud.Apps.

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Why align business & technology?

Our knowledge and experience provide a broader vision and more sophisticated solutions.

We architect secure digital systems that leverage best-of-breed partners and don’t sacrifice extensibility or interoperability.

That foundation supports innovative digital business models.

What is Innovation?


Developing modern web platforms that have greater business impact


Creating collaborative environments for technology and people


Offloading complexity to increase user satisfaction and productivity

You call it progress, we call it technology change management

Technology change management involves people, partnership, and process.


Progress can be initiated from any level of the organization. But progress happens when leadership understands the need and commits to the solution.


We’re here to help you refine and realize your vision.

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  • Opportunity Identification
  • Feasibility and Assessment
  • Solution Planning and Design
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Communication and Training
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Enforcing Best Practices

We’re as Diverse as You Are

Sharp Hue is dedicated to its clients and team members, as expressed in a clear set of mission and values. We believe all goals can be achieved with integrated talent that brings together your strengths and ours. Experience shows that collaboration and flexibility produce superior results and effectiveness.

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